Starter Kit

The Arduino UNO Starter Kit comes with Made in Italy Arduino UNO and a half-size breadboard with power rails on both sides.

Arduino UNO

halfsize breadboard

1 x Arduino UNO with all the components listed below :-





220 ohm 1/4W, 5%

10 x 220 Ohm

tactile switch
1x6mm, 1x12mm push buttons

red 5mm LED

5 X Red LED

USB cable, A to B
1 x USB cable

1K ohm 1/4W, 5%
5 x 1K Ohm resistors

1 x light sensor

green 5mm LED

5 x Green LED

1 x half size breadboard

10K ohm 1/4W, 5%
5 x 10K Ohm resistors

1 x thermistor
/ temp sensors

yellow 5mm LED

5 x Yellow LED

single core 0.5mm cable
2 x 1 meter hookup cables

10K ohm preset
1 x 10K Ohm preset

1 x 8-bit shift registers

7-segments LED, CC
1 x 7 segments LED

100nF caps

2 x 100nF 
ceramic capacitor

10K ohm variable resistor

1 x 10K ohm variable resistor

1 x NPN transistor


2 x 1N4001 diode

2 x 2N2222 transistor

Summary Arduino UNO Starter Kit Package :

1 x Arduino UNO directly from Italy
10 X 220 ohm resistors
5 x 1K ohm resistors
5 x 10K ohm resistors
1 x 10K preset
1 x 10K potentiometer
2 x 1N4001 diode
2 x 2N2222 transistor
2 x 100nF ceramic capacitors
2 x push buttons / tactile switch (6mm & 12mm)
1 x light sensor
1 x thermistor
5 x red LED
5 x green LED
5 x yellow LED
1 x 7 segments LED, common cathode
1 x USB cable
1 x 74595 shift registers / pin extender
1 x TIP122 NPN Power Transistor (control motor)
1 x half size breadboard with power rails
2 x 1 meter single core hookup cables

The total price is RM165.00.
Shipping and handling charges is RM10.00 to all over West Malaysia.

Feb 2011 Updates : Our Starter Kit have been revised several times based on feedback from our existing customers. We have included a 74HC595 shift registers to extend the digital pins like my blog entries on 7-segment realtime clock.

Many of the previous customer asked about how to control a 12V motor/fan from a 5V pin, I've added a TIP122 NPN power transistor to control fans/motors/servo speed or ON/OFF any electronic component up to 100V 5Amp ratings from an Arduino pin. Fans and motors are usually rated at 12V with high current and cannot be directly control from the Arduino pins 5V like a regular LED.

Why buy the "Arduino UNO Starter Kit" from us ?

Because we are fully committed to assist beginners, students or hobbyist up and running quickly. We let you focus on your projects and we will help gives you ideas and technical stuff like programming and electronics like LCD, voltage, current, transistors, resistors and other confusing electronic components.

We will assisted our customers with the following :-

1. How to setup Arduino software and hardware
2. Focus on your projects without worrying about electronics
3. How to make an effective interface for your projects using LED or LCD without a computer
4. Cannot understand a schematic diagrams or technical datasheets, we can help!
5. Best practice to write programming codes correctly for the Arduino
6. How to troubleshoot the hardware and software when things does not work
7. Tips to save money by making parts instead of buying finished products
8. Tips on choosing a power supply to power your Arduino products without USB connection
9. How to extend more Arduino pins using shift registers instead of getting a bigger board
10. Where to obtain electronic components locally
11. FREE e-mail support, advise and guidance

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