Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Cytron Maker Nano

I got a surprised today when I received a delivery package as I don't remember I ordered anything recently ... it turns out to be a Maker Nano from Cytron, Malaysia Largest Digital Maker Marketplace.

Maker Nano

Here are the pinout of the Maker Nano with the following add-ons :-

Maker Nano pinout

  • 12 x LED
  • 1 x buzzer at D8 ( I love the buzzer )
  • 1 x button at D2

Recently I have been testing a few new board and the first thing to do is to locate where the LED pin is connected to. Some  boards are obvious at pin 13 ( the default for Arduino ) but others are less obvious, pin 5 for a RISC-V chip ( pin 5 as in roman letter V ) and others, I had to search the Internet and schematic diagram to locate them, especially China made board with less documentation.

This board Maker Nano had LED at ALL the pin, no problems whatsoever...

Upon booting up, you will be greeted with a pleasant surprised, click on the video if you do not like surprises. 

I love PCB in purple!!! And also this is Product of Malaysia !!!!!

Maker Nano Product of Malaysia 

Here are some photos of the Maker Nano compared to "regular" Nano with the screw terminal boards.

Maker Nano in Terminal breakout 

Maker Nano vs Nano


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