"Eduboard is an integrated all-in-one educational board that simplify the learning of "interactive programming"

When beginners starts learning about programming for Arduino, the BIGGEST stumbling block is that we have to learn about programming language, electronic circuits and electronic components ALL AT THE SAME TIME with the risk of blowing up some stuff if hook them up wrongly.

With this challenge in mind, I specially designed an Eduboard to simplify the teaching of programming language and Arduino. 

My design goals are to create a board that focus on "leaning by hands-on examples" instead of wasting a lot of timing hooking up the jumper wires to breadboard with different electronic components with a risk of blowing them up.

No jumper wires and breadboard

  • No programming or electronics experience required
  • Fun and easy way to learn how to do hardware programming
  • No messy jumper wires, electronic parts or breadboard
  • Learn how to control LEDs, displays and read sensors
  • Learn how two Arduinos can talk to each other without wires
  • Focus on doing your projects

What you will learn in the workshop :-

1. Arduino basics ( setup, installations, IDE )
2. Programming basics
3. Reading sensors
4. Displaying results
5. Controlling hardware
6. Wireless communications

Arduino Eduboard

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