nRF Adapter for Sale

If you find this nRF adapter useful and would like to order a pair, please fill in the information below, I will get in contact with you ASAP..

Why order this nRF adapter from me ?
Because I will give you good support in using this RF24 library. I have contributed to the open source nRF24L01 Arduino library at , I'm one of the first person to have ported and merged both the Arduino and Raspberry Pi RF24 library into a single library for use with both this popular devices.

See my other repository here :-

You can also use this nRF adapter on a breadboard with smaller IC like attiny85 or attiny84 like below.

nRF adapter on breadboard

Bare printed circuit board (with AMS1117-3.3V SMD VR) : 

RM20 ( US$7 ) per pair (2 units)
( does NOT including 7-pins male headers, 2x4 female headers and 1 x 10uF capacitor )

Shipping & Handling :
Malaysia : RM8
Overseas : US$10 registered mail

Complete board ready to use : 

Price :
RM30 ( US$10 ) per pair (2 units)

Shipping & Handling :
Malaysia : RM8
Overseas : US$10 registered mail

Fill in the details below to order a nRF Adapter or e-mail to for any questions.

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