Wednesday, October 6, 2010

An electronic and Arduino blog for beginners by beginners

My target audience of this blog would be for people with almost zero knowledge of electronics and microcontrollers like Arduino. Like myself, I stumbled upon Arduino a few months ago but since I did not know anything about electronics, I did not pursue it further due to that barrier.

I was always curious about how consumer electronics work and since I was very young, I like to take apart old electronics appliance to see what is inside and hopefully find something useful I can salvage. During those days, I never figure out what are all those components are for and most electronics books are textbooks for Electronics Engineers (lots of maths and formulas). After I started using computer and doing computer stuff in my teenage years, I kinda left this electronics interest of mine in the back of my mind.

How I started learning electronics again is when I pickup this book called Make : Electronics, Learning by Discovery by O'Reilly. This book approach is really different from the other electronics books as it assume that the reader have absolute zero knowledge in electronics. The author even teach you how  "taste" electricity!!

After reading a few chapters, this is where the fun begins, buying electronic components for the first time. I did not buy any sort of starter kit (did not know it was available) so I have absolutely zero electronic parts except for a soldering iron and a mini analog multimeter.

The second highly recommended book is Getting Started in Electronics by Forrest Mims. This book is very unique as the texts was hand written and diagrams are hand drawn!!!! This book was quite old as the first edition was publish in 1983 but as most of the basic information does not changes that much and most of the information are still relevant and useful today.


  1. Excellent post! Thanks for this blog I am looking forward to learning from you:)

  2. Do post yr questions in the comments or just post to the wall on my facebook group... there are a lot more project pictures there ...



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